Unlocking the Mystery: How to Check MSME Registration by PAN number:-

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Unlocking the Mystery: How to Check MSME Registration by PAN number:-

In the business sector, adherence to Section 43B(h) of the MSMED Act is crucial. Considering the 45-day or 15-day payment window that is set forth for MSME suppliers is mandatory. Still, one of the biggest problems for business owners is figuring out if a supplier is registered with MSME and the next is “How to check MSME Registration by PAN number” There is currently no functionality on the Udhyam portal (MSME Portal) that allows one to check the status of MSME supplier with PAN. In this article, we shall discuss other alternatives by which one can check the MSME registration by PAN number.

Unveiling the MSME Status and Decoding the Verification Process with PAN

Step 1: Examine the invoice carefully.

Examine the supplier’s invoice to get your search started. Numerous suppliers diligently note down their MSME number on the invoice. Customers can now more easily determine the registration status of their supplier due to this. Even many suppliers note down their MSME category on the invoice i.e. Micro, Small or Medium. One can easily check the status of MSME registration of supplier through this method.

MSME Status on Invoice

Step 2: Open the MSME Official Portal.

If you are unable to locate the MSME number on the invoice, go to the official MSME portal at https://udyamregistration.gov.in/ to know whether the supplier is registered under MSME through PAN number.

Step 3: Verification of Aadhar Card

-Select “For New Entrepreneurs who are not registered yet as MSME or those with EM-II.”

MSME Status through PAN


-Input your Aadhar number and ensure that the name aligns with your Aadhar details.

MSME status with aadhar


-Validate and generate OTP, which will be sent to the registered mobile number linked to your Aadhar.



-Enter the OTP for validation.

how to check msme registration by pan


Step 4: Organizational Specifics

-Choose the organization type that best fits your business structure; you can choose any kind like Proprietary, HUF, Partnership, Private Limited Company etc.

MSME Registration status checking


-Provide your supplier’s PAN. In the event that the PAN is not easily obtained, it can be obtained using the supplier’s GST number.


MSME vendor status checking


Step 5: Validation of PAN of Supplier for “How to check MSME Registration by PAN”

-Select “PAN validate” by clicking.

-If the portal shows that “Udyam Registration has already been done through this PAN.“, It means that the PAN has already been registered under MSME.


how to check msme status by pan


-In the event that it says, “Your PAN has been successfully verified. Some fields of the form will be disabled. Disabled fields will be automatically filled after verification from PAN data,“. This means that the PAN is not registered under MSME and your supplier is not registered under MSME and now you are not required to comply with the condition of Section 43B(h) i.e. payment to MSME suppliers with in 45 Days or 15 Days.


msme registration status

With this simplified procedure, business owners may quickly find out whether their suppliers are MSME registered and in compliance with the Act’s payment deadlines. You cannot find the category of supplier with the above procedure but through this procedure, you can easily find out the list of suppliers which is covered under MSME and plans for the future.

Hope this article gives you the solution for How to check MSME registration by PAN number.

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