Extension of due date for form 10B/10BB

Extension of Due Date for Form 10B/10BB and ITR-7: CBDT Circular No. 16/2023

Extension of Due Date for Form 10B/10BB and ITR-7: CBDT Circular No. 16/2023


The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has taken a significant step in addressing the concerns raised by taxpayers and stakeholders regarding the extension of due date for Form 10B/10BB, and ITR-7 for the Assessment Year 2023-24. In Circular No. 16/2023, dated 18th September 2023, the CBDT has introduced crucial deadline extensions to facilitate compliance. This article will thoroughly examine the extension of due date for Form 10B/10BB, and ITR-7, highlighting its implications for various entities and taxpayers.

The Key Extension of Due Date for Form 10B/10BB, and ITR-7

One of the most noteworthy provisions within CBDT Circular No. 16/2023 is the extension of due date for Form 10B/10BB of furnishing the audit report for the Previous Year 2022-23. The initial deadline for submission, which was set for 30th September 2023, has been extended to 31st October 2023. This extension holds immense significance for a range of organizations, including funds, trusts, institutions, universities, educational institutions, hospitals, and medical institutions. It grants them much-needed additional time to compile and submit their reports with precision while ensuring strict adherence to tax regulations.

Additionally, the due date for filing the Return of Income in Form ITR-7 for the Assessment Year 2023-24 has also been extended. Originally set at 31st October 2023, the new deadline is now 30th November 2023. This extension primarily benefits assessees falling under clause (a) of Explanation 2 to sub-section (1) of section 139 of the Income-tax Act, 1961. These individuals and entities now have extra time to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of their tax returns.

Benefits and Implications of the Extensions

The extension of due date for Form 10B/10BB, and ITR-7 carry several notable benefits and implications:

1. Relief for Entities

Entities such as trusts, educational institutions, and medical institutions can now breathe a sigh of relief as they have been granted an extra month to prepare and submit their Audit reports and tax returns. This alleviates the pressure and ensures that the reports are accurately compiled and the tax returns are comprehensive.

2. Enhanced Compliance

The extensions promote enhanced compliance as entities and individuals can meticulously review and validate their financial information, making certain that it aligns seamlessly with the respective requirements of Form 10B, Form 10BB, and ITR-7. This leads to more accurate and compliant submissions, reducing the likelihood of errors or omissions.

3. Avoidance of Penalties

By extending the deadlines, CBDT has effectively helped entities and individuals avoid potential penalties and legal issues resulting from missed deadlines. This proactive measure safeguards organizations and taxpayers from unnecessary financial burdens and legal complications.

Conclusion: A Timely Relief

In conclusion, the CBDT’s decision for extension of due date for Form 10B/10BB, and ITR-7 through Circular No. 16/2023 is a timely and considerate move. It takes into account the challenges faced by various entities and individuals in meeting their compliance requirements. This extension empowers taxpayers, funds, trusts, educational institutions, hospitals, and others to utilize the additional time effectively, ensuring the submission of accurate and compliant reports and tax returns in strict accordance with the Income-tax Act, 1961.

Maintaining compliance with tax regulations remains paramount, and CBDT’s extensions facilitate a smoother and more effective process for all stakeholders. Staying informed about the latest notifications from CBDT is crucial to fulfilling tax obligations effectively.

In summary, CBDT Circular No. 16/2023 brings much-needed relief to entities and individuals striving to meet their tax filing obligations for the Assessment Year 2023-24, particularly in the context of Form 10B, Form 10BB, and ITR-7.

Read the full circular No. 16/2023 from here

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